Patio Misters

Patio misters make it possible to enjoy your patio all summer long without getting overheated. Enjoy more time in your patio with family, neighbors, friends, or just by yourself, reading a good book. Cool-Off has the right equipment when you're ready to start thinking about installing a system that will keep the outdoor temperature up to 30 degrees cooler- turning a 90-degree day into a very comfortable 60 degrees whenever you choose. Our systems are on sale by as much as 60%, so you'll get a great deal when you buy from us.

What is a Patio Misting Kit?

Patio misters turn your unusable patio into the perfect spot to socialize, play games, dine outdoors, or spend time doing what you love to best during leisure time. Cooling mist is an affordable way to beat the heat- and they can even save you money when you turn your AC to 'off' and take the fun out of doors. You don't have to hide from the heat this summer; Cool-Off has affordable patio misters that are easy to install and are the perfect medium for fun. Our kits come with multiple accessories that allow you to customize your operation to suit your patio, including a customizable tube and nozzle so that you can change the spread of the misters.

Will a Patio Mister Soak My Guests?

Fine mist keeps you cool without soaking your clothes or messing up your hair- it's becoming the most popular way to cool off during the summer. You can avoid the high costs of installing a swimming pool by purchasing one of our patio misters at Cool-Off and giving your kids the best reason of all to come outside and spend time with your family. Mist is fun, and it's incredibly effective in reducing the ambient temperature- by as much as 30 degrees! That means your 95-degree day cools off to a very comfortable 65 degrees within seconds. Best of all, Cool-Off systems are easy to install.

Spend More Time in the Fresh Air

Air quality outside is almost always preferable to indoor air, but the heat can make spending even a few minutes outdoors more than just uncomfortable; excessive heat can cause heat stroke and illness. Now imagine turning your hot patio into a refreshing oasis just by turning on your misting system, and spending time outside without ever breaking a sweat. It's possible with patio misters from Cool-Off- and it's more affordable than you may think.

Create your own shady oasis with one of our sunbrellas and patio misting system. A Cool-Off specialist can help assess your backyard's requirements and recommend a quality sunbrella that will last for many years. Just add mist and your family will avoid the heat and stay out of the sun's UV rays. You'll save money when you shop with us, too, since all of our misting systems are discounted by as much as 60%- that adds up to big savings this summer.