Indirect Evaporative Cooling

Indirect Evaporative Cooling

There are two major types of evaporative coolers, namely direct and indirect coolers. Today, we take a lot of pride in having highly efficient and functional solutions that serve a variety of applications. The suitable evaporative cooling units should coordinate with your ventilation system to make it ideal for optimal performance.

How Evaporative Cooling Strategies Works

Evaporative cooling is cooling the air by passing it over a pad soaked in water, which helps bring the temperatures down. In a home, evaporative cooling is highly critical because it recirculates the same type of air into the home, which means you are not at risk of adding the outside air, which may contain pathogens and other aerial contaminants.

Using evaporative cooling prevents you from opening the doors and windows because the more remarkable works efficiently to maintain the same temperature and conditions.

Direct Vs. Indirect Evaporative Cooling

Direct Evaporative Cooling

This method cools the air by bringing in fresh air from the outside. The airstream with high moisture content gets to the optimal temperature by dispersing the excess and helping to balance and regulate the conditions with an atmosphere with a low initial relative humidity.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling

The cooling method is different because it does not involve mixing two air streams. Instead, the outside cooling air gets into the home through a humidifier and heat recovery system. Transferring air from the outside is adequate for cooling because it continually brings in cool air throughout the process. This has the advantage of effectively exhausting the internal air with a more effective cooling solution that passes through a water-soaked pad to maintain favorable humidity levels.

Use Cases For Indirect Evaporative Cooling

There is a long list of applications for indirect cooling environments. An instance is data centers where you have to maintain the same atmosphere to maintain a stable electrostatic charge state. Food preparation industries should have a precise climate control factory that keeps all processes safe, efficient, and comfortable. You must be strategic to maintain an ideal and excellent facility. Below is a longer list of the indirect evaporative cooling method:

  • Office spaces that need help with keeping fresh air and favorable humidity conditions
  • Warehouse spaces must follow a quality assurance standard to mitigate risks and prevent excessively harmful humidity.
  • Labs and hospitals that seek to reduce aerial cross-contamination while enhancing comfort

Do you think your business will significantly benefit from an indirect evaporative cooling system? We have enough options to meet the standards, restrictive laws, and guidelines of your intended installation space.

What You Need To Know Before Investing In Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative coolers in humid climates will need more maintenance of about one monthly checkup. You must only choose a cooler that will maintain an excellent status throughout its lifetime and require little to no replacements and repairs. Check out our indirect vape cooler products and contact us for personalized quotes on our direct or indirect cooling options.

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